Chaintegrity delivers a best-in-class, comprehensive suite of solutions to companies serious about maintaining supply chains free of trafficked labor. Our services are highly-customizable based on customers’ scope and locations of operations, industry, sourced materials, and existing internal compliance resources.

While no two customers’ needs are identical, Chaintegrity’s services frequently include the following:

Program Assessments

Our work nearly always commences with an in-depth program assessment and gap analysis, identifying how the company’s existing approach to human trafficking compliance compares to industry best practices and government regulations. We provide concrete recommendations and consulting services to remedy program gaps.

Field Assessments

Human trafficking is an ugly and sneaky enterprise. Properly assessing the effectiveness of a company’s human trafficking compliance necessitates getting “down the chain” to where the work is ultimately being performed. Nobody can tell you whether your oversight, policies and procedures, training and education, incentives and discipline are effective without unfiltered access to the men and women actually performing the work.

Policy & Procedure Development

Smaller companies without organic compliance personnel can turn to Chaintegrity for expertise in developing compliance policies and procedures. Despite limited resources, small companies increasingly recognize the need for effective human trafficking compliance right from the start.

Supply Chain Mapping

Companies with complex supply chains are expected to utilize risk screening tools and procedures to map out supplier relationships at various tiers and to identify high-risk portions of the supply chain, beginning with corporate-owned facilities and Tier-1 suppliers. Chaintegrity provides supply chain mapping services leveraging advanced technologies, including large relational databases and visualization tools.


While many clients do not discover Chaintegrity until their subcontractor and supplier networks are already firmly established, others are fortunate to retain us on the front end -- in vetting and screening business partners.


Chaintegrity develops educational materials and delivers trafficking compliance training on a periodic basis to managers, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers of our customers.


When it comes to combating human trafficking, effective “field work” means more than a single site visit. Chaintegrity provides monitoring on an unannounced, spot check, and recurring basis throughout the supply chains of our customers.


While we prefer to work with companies to implement proactive compliance measures, Chaintegrity may not get the call until a company receives information suggesting a failure of compliance. Our skilled investigators efficiently drill down to root causes and recommend corrective measures.

Government Reporting

Contractors have strict and immediate reporting obligations whenever they receive credible information of human trafficking related to the performance of a government contract. Working closely with Chaintegrity enables companies to properly report incidents, while simultaneously touting the company’s commitment to effective compliance and bolstering their reputation as a responsible contractor.